About 411Kenya

411Kenya is news website in Kenya reporting news across different categories.They provide entertainment news, breaking news in Kenya and around the world, business news, resources and the motivation to help you realize your full potential.

About this project

411Kenya approached and asked us to design and develop a news website for them. They didn’t just need a website, they wanted the news website to be very responsive since most of their audience use phones. Webdrawers designed and developed 411Kenya website within a span of 1 month. A desktop version and a mobile version. Our client was satisfied with our work.

Increasing website speed.

Every minute wasted waiting for a website to load, leads to a customer or potential customer leaving the website and that’s not what a business owner wants. We optimized the website and increased the load speed to 2.13s. on desktop and 1s on mobile version. Head to the website and test it yourself.