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AboutThe Client

Charity Ambassadors (CA) is a registered non – profit community based organization, helping needy children (children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS, Children who are destitute because of abuse, neglect and poverty).

How Much Does a Website Design Cost in Kenya
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About this project

Charity Ambassadors used to have a facebook group where they used to coordinate all their activities. But Webdrawers Kenya donated our web design services for free and created for them a website. This was to create credibility for the organisation and allow those who are not in Kenya to have a donation form.

This was and still is an extensive project since each and every page has to be SEO optimised and mobile friendly.

Most Kenyans read news on their mobile phones thus we had to create a mobile responsive website.

We created the website to load blazingly fast reducing the bounce rate thus increasing readers time on the website.

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