AboutThe Client

Globalguds Kenya is one  of Kenya’s Online Shopping sites. It’s no longer just the privilege of a metro city or an urban area to shop online for their favorite products. Globalguds Kenya is one online shopping site that has made it possible for consumers even in the remote areas of Kenya to avail products from the best brands at low prices online. Considering the present lifestyle of people, it’s no surprise that they prefer to buy online most of the products that they need on a daily basis like clothes for men and women, electronics, mobiles, home appliances, products for personal beauty and care, and the like. The ultimate convenience of having to simply browse through their favorite online shopping website and place orders from the comfort of their home, and get it delivered in the shortest time possible at their doorstep is a service that is unbeatable.

About this project


The visual identity we created for Globalguds positioned itself between high end e-commerce site, and elements of the Earth. For the customer, the website draws influence from the user journey patterns adopted by well known online stores, with multiple filtering layer options and intuitive navigation between both brands and categories of product.

The client requested the website to load very fast since this was an e-commerce store, every second wasted is a customer lost. The website had to be mobile responsive since almost everyone nowadays is online. We also had to do SEO for product and category pages.

What They Said

Working with Webdrawers has been a pleasure from start to end. They have brought Globalguds to life in a way better than I could have ever done myself. With prompt replies and easy communication, I would recommend them to anyone I meet. I look forward to working with them in the future and seeing any further works they do for others. Thanks again for your amazing work team!

John K