AboutThe Client

Goga Kenya is one  of Kenya’s Online Shopping sites. Goga Kenya deals mostly with electronics and especially televisions, they have partnered with Hi-sense to the one of the retailers of their products in East Africa Region. Visit them for amazing deals.

About this project


Goga Kenya approached Webdrawers and requested us to redesign their website so that it can generate more sales. They wanted a fast, mobile responsive and eye catching design website that will give the customer one of kind experience.

The client requested the website to load very fast since this was an e-commerce store, every second wasted is a customer lost. The website had to be mobile responsive since almost everyone nowadays is online using smartphones. We also had to do SEO for product and category pages and the whole website in general.

What They Said

Working with Webdrawers has been a pleasure from start to end. They have brought Goga to life in a way better than I could have imagined. They even added a lot of great features that I didn’t know that I needed. Very generous of them.With prompt replies and easy communication, I would recommend them to anyone I meet. I look forward to working with them in the future and seeing any further works they do for others. Thanks again for your amazing work team!