AboutThe Client

TrackyourleaderKenya is a blog that concentrates mainly on political news. It has all the details of the current and former politicians. What’s most interesting is how they sow you details or biography of the aspirants politicians before they get to the office so that you be able to make sound decisions.

About this project

The client wanted us to create a platform where they can write news about Kenyan politicians. But what they were interested in is a page where they can post details or kind of a biography of each an every politician where Kenyans can get to read about them before making an informed decision when voting.

This was and still is an extensive project since each and every page has to be SEO optimized.

Most Kenyans read news on their mobile phones thus we had to create a mobile responsive website.

We created the website to load blazingly fast reducing the bounce rate thus increasing readers time on the website.